A Word About Your Wordsmith

Alexa Steele: SEO Copywriter & Internet Marketing Master


SEO Copywriter and Internet Marketing MasterI am a reader, a writer, and an overall word-nerd. I love science-fiction novels, mocha lattés, and a PBS radio show called “A Way with Words.”

I have been writing for as long as I can remember, but didn’t start doing so professionally until 2009. Motivated by The Great Recession I began writing articles for SEO companies and other low cost content providers. I started studying search engine optimization, copywriting, social media, and Internet marketing. Before long I was writing web content for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporate clients.

In 2010, I began offering Internet marketing consulting in addition to SEO copywriting, teaching business owners what I had learned about using the World Wide Web to build brand recognition, reach more customers, and become more profitable. Then, in 2012 I started building a nationwide network of service providers–graphic designers, web developers, social media managers, direct mail marketers, and so on–allowing me to offer you one source for all your marketing needs.

I love what I do. I’m looking forward to providing you premium SEO copywriting and marketing services.